Research Activities

Research Activities

Our research activities are directed towards neo-tissue formation and in-growth thereof into materials, scaffolds and implants promoted by vascularization. Development of bioactive implants and isolation of bioactive cues, chemicals and factors offer broader goal to achieve in the arena of regenerative medicine via rejuvenation and restoration. We are also focussing on the product customization, organ regeneration and remodelling using bioresorbable implants.

Isolation of various types of collagen from novel non-bovine sources

Ceramics, metallic, polymer, hybrid composite based customized biomedical implants, allied products

Isolation of materials/biopolymers/growth factors of natural origin and their blends for direct health care delivery

Processing for customized products/implants, cosmetic tools and implants

Development of bioreactors, biomarkers, biosensors

Medical tools and devices, contrast agents

Medical textiles

Porous, dense, films, gels, powder, nano/micro beads

Stem cells/primary cells isolations, expansion and differentiation

Histology and immuno-histo/cyto chemistry of biological samples

Tissues, cell-scaffold constructs

Targeted drug delivery systems

Regeneration/rehabilitation of damaged or diseased tissues